2018 APA President-elect candidate statements submitted to Division 35

Following Society procedures, the chair of the governance committee, Dr. Asuncion Austria, submitted a request for statements from the five candidates for APA president-elect. (see below for a detailed report.)

The five candidates and links to their general statements are at the APA web site: http://www.apa.org/about/governance/elections/index.aspx

Dr. Austria received responses from four of the five candidates:

Sandra L. Shullman, PhD
Jean Lau Chin, EdD
Steven D. Hollon, PhD
Susan K. Whitbourne, PhD

Dr. Signorella then received a statement from the fifth candidate:

Armand Cerbone, PhD

Dr. Austria's governance report:

As provided for in the Handbook of Society for the Psychology of Women, the Governance Committee sent a letter to each of the five candidates for President-elect of APA, requesting them if they could send Division 35, a 500-statement that summarizes their tract record on women’s issues and their vision of how they would incorporate the mission and values of Division 35 in the office if elected. 

The letter also stated that the Executive Committee will review the statements and make judgements about endorsement based on a number of criteria, e.g., track record on women’s issues which may be demonstrated in a variety of ways (service to APA, Division 35, contributions to scholarships, science, practice, etc.); track record of inclusiveness and fostering the empowerment of women. This may be demonstrated by involvement in issues related to ethnic minorities, ability status, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of social identity and difference that can potentially divide women from each other and from men. 
Four of the five candidates responded, three women and one man.  
Asuncion Miteria Austria, PhD
Governance Committee


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